Soul town band

“We became introduced to the soulful sounds in the sixties.  We were still in High School.  We were the band for the Soul Town Revue.   The Soul Town Revue was comprised of local singers who sang covers of all the hits of the day; artists like James Brown, The Temptations, Sam and Dave, Stevie Wonder and on and on and on.  We had to learn how to play those hits and play for one singer after another all night long and still make it to class the next morning.  That’s how we got our muscle.  We became the Soul Town Band!”

-Ronald Khalis Bell

-Listen to 'Shining Star'  featuring the Manhattans, Ray, Goodman and Brown and The Soul Generation part of Kool Baby Brotha Band’s series “The Soul Town Band”

                                                                                                  “1969” courtesy of The Koolzeum

                                                                                                  “1969” courtesy of The Koolzeum

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